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Style Guide
November 23, 2015 0 Comment(s)
by Andrew Cambridge Categories: Style Guide, Uncategorized

The mens suit is, without question, the most universal and steadfastly appropriate item in a gentleman’s wardrobe. There are few occasions at which a man in a quality suit will be out of place, particularly if the wearer has a firm grasp of fashion and an established personal style. This is where the Male Manor team can expertly advise you on what will suit your style and lifestyle perfectly. We take the time to ask you and assess your particular needs to ensure you purchase the perfect suit. The path to elegant style begins with the suit, the cornerstone of male fashion.

When buying a business shirt, the second most important purchase to your suit, make sure that you choose practical styling; the correct cut, whether it is slim, regular or tailored, and look for premium fabrications to give the ultimate in comfort and easy care.

When looking at casual wear whether it be for work or social, focus on comfortable, appropriate styles and fabrics, many new casual trouser are now made with a small stretch element which adds greatly to the comfort and durability which will cater for all shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright with your casual shirting, patterns such as paisley and floral are still extremely prominent if you like to make a statement. Subtle to bold checks are always a wardrobe favourite when it comes to shirting. Fine Italian cottons breathe beautifully and are a joy to wear, keeping you cool and calm in the Queensland climate.

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