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Corporate award and ball nights. The right advice!

February 21, 2016 0 Comment(s)
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For those of you lucky enough to have a special event on your social calender, be it a cocktail party, an awards night, industry ball or a charity event, we are very pleased to offer you a selection of suiting packages and advice for your next upcoming Ball or Awards Night. Visit our Mens Suits Collection.

With over 30 years of fashion knowledge and expertise, we offer an unmatched understanding of our field. At Male Manor, we pride ourselves on being honest and open minded in ensuring you’re dressed with the best possible results for your special occasion.

We’ll start off with your outfit, Black Tie. Black Tie is the dress code for evening events and social functions. For men, the elements of black tie dress include a black suit, white dinner shirt, black bow tie, and black dress shoes. It sounds simple enough.

Your suit can range from just a plain black suit through to a satin lapel dinner suit, the choice is yours. You can choose from a rounded shawl lapel or an edgy peak lapel. If you do choose the satin lapel, consider doing a satin stripe down the side of your adjustable trouser.

Take that extra step further from a white shirt and do a dinner shirt. Choose from pleats or no pleats, black buttons or hidden buttons and even regular collar or wing tip collar. Pair it up with a satin bow tie and put   on some nice polished black shoes, and theres your outfit. Modern, trendy and extremely fashionable. Dressed to impress, guaranteed when you walk through the door, you’ll have everybody turning their heads.

At Male Manor, we have formulated these suiting packages to offer excellent value for money and considerable savings off regular retail prices.

  • New England – Suit + Shirt + Bow Tie – $460
  • Studio Italia – Suit + Shirt + Bow Tie – $560

We aim to give you a fantastic deal, value for money, award winning service and an irresistible range of quality products all in the one location. Please come in, call or email now to secure your sizing!

Cheers From Male Manor

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