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How to dress for your formal. A club M guide for young men and parents alike

February 21, 2016 0 Comment(s)
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This is the time of year for high school formals, and that means it’s also the time of year for a lot of dress-related anxiety. Just relax and take a deep breath.

ClubM can offer you one simple piece of advice, that will guarantee that you’re one of the best-looking guys there, keep it classic, keep it timeless; and keep it tasteful. These are all three facets of the same idea — that you want to look like a man who took control of his suit, not a young man whose suit was given to him by his grandfather, and smells like the back of a closet.

Deck yourself out in the powerful elegance of black and white – classic, timeless and tasteful. With just a few tasteful touches of color here and there you’ll be an impressive alternative to the guys in their out of date peacock coloured suits.

Every young man needs a suit in his closet, but don’t go out and spend a fortune on your outfit, because you’ll most likely grow out of it in the next year, and we’re sure your parents won’t be too happy. Visit Our Mens Suits Collection.

  • Do a simple, clean cut, slim fitting black suit jacket and trouser. It’s elegant, versatile and keeps the outfit looking a little sharper and little more edgy. You might even consider taking that extra step further a choose to do a satin lapel on your jacket.
  • Underneath, wear a simple tailored white shirt, don’t overthink it. Try and avoid doing checks and stripes if you can.
  • A nice muted slim solid tie fits the mould perfectly or even a bowtie, keep it simple. You don’t have to match your tie colour to the exact shade of your partners dress.
  • Polish up some nice black dress shoes and you’re all set.


Don’t buy into the hype and gossip that you have to match your partner. A little complementing contrast between you and your partner is a good thing. If she’s wearing a light blue dress, a tonal blue  necktie is more than enough to compliment her. Or even if you get her a lilac corsage as a thank you gift, get yourself a matching buttonhole flower. You’re trying to look like two charming young people, not a wedding cake topper.

It’s easy to get talked into some of the big fashion mistakes of formal dressing. Wearing bright colors, and matching your date too closely are two of the biggest mistakes you can make, but this is a great chance for you to take charge of your own outfit and stand out on your own.

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Cheers From Male Manor

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